Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dearest Readers;

 To those of you who waited for this next post, thank you very much! ^.^ It shows me that you care. Those who are new, Welcome! This is my diary/blog. I usually try to post once a week. Im very sorry about my absense, ive been busy with everything going on lately. School is going relatively well, with (so far) less drama than anticipated. And here are the highlights, good and bad, of this past week.

Over the weekend, my family and I celebrated my Mom's 40th birthday with a party, which her BF (Todd) attended to meet the rest of the family. Was only slightly worried, since my uncle brett would be the most likely one to scare him off. Everything went well, the whole family likes him, etc etc etc. For her present I ordered her caramel chocolates from the middle school fundraiser (which haven't come yet. Sorry, mom!)

In marching band, I went from the Horn Line (trumpets, tuba, french horn, etc) to the Pit (a section that plays instruments that cant be marched with, such as the marimba, bells, and gong). The reason is that I missed so many practices while off with Dad and at Camp, the stuff I had to learn to catch up was overwhelming. Say what you want, but MB is alot harder and more complicated than it looks. Our preformances include memorizing a series of specific steps (such as 2 steps from the inside 40 yard line, diagonal 12 steps until 8 steps from the front hash line, stuff like that.) All. While. Playing.  Since the temperature has dropped suddenly, this last practice sucked because I couldn't find my jacket. Brrrrr...

TO BE CONTINUED TOMORROW or the next day. Ran out of time for tonight. Goodnight!

~ Sol Sister ~

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First-day Confusions X-(

Dear Readers:

Today was my first day. I got lost a grand total of 4 times (4 out of 5 passing periods, 6 if you count the one to 1st period). All my teachers seem relatively nice, but then again all teachers do the first day. Mr. Boring-man (Broerman) did too. It just takes a few days for the teachers to show their true colors, wether good or bad. Truthfully, he didn't really bother me much (hes a really good painter and tolerable to be around once you got to know him), but most of other students hated him. Plus he was kinda weird. When angry, he would sometimes growl at a misbehaving student. And he got angry alot. Is it possible he could have been a furry in disguise? Not all furries are nice you know. ANYWAY! I'm getting off-topic again.

I was able to figure out my locker well enough, thankfully. Really, the worst part of today was getting lost a few times. No biggie. Sucks that we have to go in earlier this year, but bearable (as long as caffine is consumed beforehand..).

As it turns out, most of the classed are mixed-grade. Half of my art class are every other grade besides freshman. The best part about this was the ability to have band class with nearly all the marching band people. Speaking of which, I almost got kicked out of for missing so mant practices as a result of my summer activities. I really want to stay with it, but its going to be harder now since its from 5:30 to 9 now. Thats, like, 10 minutes after supper and 1 hour before bed. Free time (or even time for homework) could take a heavy blow. Mom says that if it interferes with my schoolwork, I have to quit. Boo :(

The only homework I got were those stupid "behavioral contract" things from nearly every class. Yay.

Peace out!

♥   ~ Solitia ~   ♥

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Freshman Orientation

Well, today was interesting. As it turns out, my high school is huge and maze-like. Meaning i'm probably going to get frequantly lost. Whoopeee... but I think this year is going to be fun. Tyler (my half-brother who was a freshie last year) said the Seniors weren't too bad. Not as bad as some schools, anyway. Im taking Algebra 1, Biology, Spanish, Art, English, CPU Class, and concert band. Kinda nice that I don't have to do History this semester ^_^".
  Since a few other HSs in my area are closing down due to poor iStep (actually written ISTEP, but I like my version better. ISTEP is a statewide academics test if you don't know.) scores and economy. Sooo that means New Haven High is gonna be flooded with new people. From like 1st grade to 5th grade I was going to a private school. And when I transferred over to the New Haven system, I thought it was quite crowded. Now its just gonna be rediculous. Well, maybe it will increase the chances of there being someone with mutual interests (and not just other furries, but anime fans and such.) 90% of my small group of friends are guys who only share a few common interests.
  I wish I could tell someone about my true interests, but due to the bad reputation the fandom has gained from the media focusing on the small percentage of us who actually ARE furverts (and/or practice very... unmentionable things), im afraid they would judge me and such. *sigh* oh well.
  On another note, this weekend i'm going to my grandma's house for a few days. Then, at some point during that time, I have to go with my little cousin (who ADORES me and follows me everywhere, by the way. I can't seem to escape from her whenever i'm there..) to Science Central. That might be fun. The chicago trip earlyer this summer was fun too.

Peace Out!
~Sol~   <3

P.S, I'm probably gonna create a fursona facebook page. If you want to, you should be able to look me up (by tomorrow, aug. 13th) and add me as a friend. Only if you wanna, though. Im also working on an updated Sol pic that i'll use as my profile pic. My account is under Solitia Louvell Vesper (Sol). it wouldn't let me put Sol Sister :(

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'm Baaaaaaack :3

Heyy, whats up everyone?

Sorry about my long absense. Ive actually been home for a few days now but kept forgetting to write. Ive been gone for nearly 2 straight weeks (with only a few hours to pack for camp after getting home from my visit with Dad) and I must say, its good to be home. Freshman Orientation is this friday, and school starts next wednesday. (Outer me: Yaaaay! High Schoooool! :D -- Inner me: Help meeee T_T -- Furry Me: :-| ......... *just silent, staring blankly into space* .... well that was a fast summer.) Anyways, before I get to the details of my vacation, since ive been home Ive showed a new interest in Archery and watched a new anime called Fruits Basket. (I <3 Anime, expecially Ouran High School and Wolf's Rain, a variety of types). Just an update on my interests.

Dad Week:
I had alot of fun with my visiting family. We went swimming a few times (during which I got a nasty sunburn. Owwie. -_-"), saw a movie (Captain America..), went Go-Karting (Nico kept bumping into everyone and spinning them out. The staff yelled at him.), and played lots of PS3 (UNCHARTED 2 PWNS!). It was just an overall fun week. I also got to meet my... nephew? He was pretty cute for a baby. He drooled on Nico lol (Long story. My older half-brother Dominique [age 19 or so] had a kid and had to quit college to care for him. Poor guy. But he seems to be happy, so i'm happy for him.). And, as per usual whenever I get home after being gone for X amout of time, my cat Boo gave me a lecture (meowed at me for 10 minutes straight). Upon arriving home, I showered, packed, and spent some time with Mom and Boo before getting up the next morning for:

Summer Camp Trip:
Camp was super fun as well. Even though its been pretty hot out lately, we (Me, my brother, his step sister, and another friend) all still managed to have fun. We ate really good food (I expecially liked the pudgie pies. We had 3 differant kind: pizza, hamburger, and pancakes. Yeah, the pankaces werent really pudgie pies but they were cooked in the pudgie makers.), played awesome games (Such as "assasin", "ninja", "Honey, if you love me..", regular old tag, knee tag, etc etc etc.). It is here that I discovered my true interest in archery. Ive always been facinated by it, but when I hit that ring a half-inch away from the bulls-eye, it hit me. Playing in the late was fun too. I'd say my two favorite things about camp were the fake wedding (Another long-ish and awkwardly hilarious story. Two of the campers im my program began dating each other, and Jackson brought up the idea. It just kinda esclated from there. Before long, they were married (though, I don't think either one agreed with any of it.) Jackson was the priest, I was the audience, my brother was the photagrapher, and the champangne was Smurf Juice (lol it just the campers' name for the delicious blue kool-aid sometimes served with lunch)... they divorced the next day.) and the games we played. In "honey if you love me", its basically a game of willpower. one person is chosen first, and they go up to one person and say, "Honey, if you love me, would you please please smile?" and the person must reply (with a straight face. thats the tricky part.) "Honey, I love you but I just can't smile." Many laughs were shared, many s'mores were devoured, and many friendships were forged.

What, thats about it. There are many more details to both, but I don't wanna bore you. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful rest of the summer! :D

~  Sol  ~ <3 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Dear Readers;

  Another. Boring. Day/Week. I usually hate school, but i've realised just how boring things can get without it. Well, the day is actually fast-approaching. Next month, I believe. Not a whole lot happened the week I didn't write, but sometime before my first entry I was able to go to a Herman's Hermits concert. :) (yeah, i'm more of a classical rock/alternative girl. Modern stuff is cool too.) That was fun. Uuuumm..... what else? Oh, I found this cool site called WolfHome. Its this 2D chat thing with wolf avatars and stuff. You can talk to and meet some cool and funny people there. My username is SolSister.

  As for whats coming up (besides the beginning of school and more interesting posts), I get to see my dad, uncle, half-brother, and cousin this weekend. :D My dad lives in Texas, so I don't get to see him very often. My parents divorced when I was 9 or so. (more info will be added to the bottom for people interested in reading my sob story. -_-") My Uncle Ray lives with dad along with Grandpa in texas, and he also wanted to visit his son and my cousin, Nico. So, were all getting togeather! (plus my half-brother Ryan. He lives with his mom near me my area of town) We plan to go go-karting, swimming, roller-skating, and all that jazz. Tons 'o fun! :) Will post an entry describing details afterwards.

  Then, after that all thats left is the Lutherhaven trip. Which, coincidently, Ryan, his friend who ive met before, and his half-sister (stepdad's kid) Lizzy are all going too. Its like were forming an army or something ^.^ We all chose the program "treetop village" so we're all togeather. Ive done it before, and its just plain awesome. The cabins are elevated and in the woods, so we're closer to nature. :3 Though I forgot bug spray last time. SUCKED!!

  Well, thats all thats going on right now. Posts should pick up to an average of 1 post or more a week once school starts. Until then, thank you so much for waiting patiently.

      ♥Peace  Out!♥            

As promised, my depressing divorce story.

  It all happened when I was still living in michigan. Mom and dad used to get into horrible fights at home. Most of them, as mom later revealed, happened while I was off playing outside. Only a small few happened while I was around, but they were frightening. Thankfully, only one of them had any violence whatsoever. It was the worst one, i'll never forget it. I was playing in my room when I heard yelling and cursing in the other room. I went out to see what was going on, and there were my parents in a pretty nasty quarrel in the hallway. I stood frozen in fear as they begain to move further up the hallway, bringing their fight with them. They were so mad at eachother, they didn't even notice me as they came closer. Almost getting ran over, I ran and hid in the bathroom. Once the fight had settled down, mom apalogised and coaxed me out of the bathroom. Dad had left the trailer in a huff and would not be back for a little while. When he did come home a few hours later, his knuckles were scraped and bloody from punching something (Don't worry, It wasn't a person or anything. He said it was a screen in the door.) He apalogised too and we all relaxed the rest of the night. I was glad to see they had stopped and we were all togeather again, but somehow deep down, I knew it wouldn't last. Dad had gotten laid off from his job (the stingy jerks "couldn't afford to pay a large number of employees") and somehow got a job interview down in texas; a factory that makes machinery and other stuff for Nasa. We already had a plan to move back to Indiana, but he went to the interview, saying "Oh, im not going to take the job. I'm just going because i've never been there before. Ive always wanted to go.".... Yeah, well turned out when he got home he HAD taken the job offer and was going to move to Texas. My mother's side of the family is very close-knit (dad's.. not so much.) and she later told me that she was depressed the whole time we were in Michigan (his job had taken him there) and had already made up her mind not to move to Texas, even further away from indiana. But Dad went anyway. When the day came and he went to leave, I stood in front of the doorway, blocking him from the exit. I desperately wanted to him to stay, for I was very close to my parents. "Don't make this harder that it has to be, sweetheart. I'm sad too.". Im not a rebelious child, so I eventually caved and let him through.   I've never cried harder my entire life.   
  A little while later, after moving back to indiana with Mom into Gammy and Papa's house (Don't judge. Ive always called them that ever since I was really little, and it just stuck. -_-) I found out that they were getting a divorce. I knew it was going to happen anyway, but I was still upset. And, on top of all that, I also lost my cat Tarzan around 6-8 months later. Boo.
  5 years later, im a pretty happy teen who lives her beloved mom and cat in a house in a pretty nice and quiet town. It took a while, but i've gotten over it. Dad now lives out his dreams in Texas. He owns a sailboat and is as happy as can be in Texas. Only getting to see him once or twice a year, I was very angry for a while. How could he, my own father, choose his job over his child? As the years passed, though, I grew more understanding. It was HIS choice, HIS life, HIS loss. Hes happy, so thats good. I no longer bear no ill will and still hold a strong relationship with him.

(WOW that was long. Anyway, thanks for taking the extra time to read more about my past. glad no know someone cares. Peace out! ♥)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lets give a round of applause for the first diary entry! yaay. wooho..

  Anyway, a few cool things going on. I have to go to marching band practice from 6-8 tonight, then going to chill around the house with mom. Its just been so boring lately. The next major thing going on before school starts is visiting with my dad (yes, my parents are divorced and yes, I only see my dad once a year, twice if lucky.), then after that im going to Camp Lutherhaven (I only didn't change its name for the entry 'cuz it's such an awesome camp.) a couple weeks before freshman orientation and the start of school.
  Im really glad middle school's over and excited for high school, but im also going to miss junoir high. The lunch ladies were super nice (they even got me a christmas card and present. Isn't that sweet? Its probably because I was always nice to them.) and the teachers (except for a few >.> *cough*mr.briarmoor-and-mrs.howie*coughcough*) were all cool.

Plus, I have mixed feelings about high school: totally pumped and scared to death. :-/

  Besides that theres not much going on. I'll try to post a new entry at LEAST once a week. I just get busy sometimes and either forget or can't post. Plus, some days im really just not doing anything. My summer life in between events is really boring. Im sure though this blog will get more interesting once school starts :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

First Post :)

Hello, any passerby who just so happened to click the "next blog" button and landed on this one. Your presence is much appreciated :) If you don't know, this is the blog of my life that i've decided to start. I just as easily could have just written in a diary, but... I somehow feel that I need to share my feelings and thoughts. I need to know if there are others who are like me, can give advice, or can just listen to what I have to say. People who are not connected to me directly. Ok, so here's my pitch:

I am a teenage (currantly 14) year old girl who goes to high school. Normal, right? Well, no.. not exactly. I am also part of the  Furry Fandom  (click of you dont know what a furry is) . No one in my mundane life knows about it though. Heck, I don't think ANYONE knows. I've never told anyone (hence, this blog). My fursona is currantly undergoing changes, but is basically a wolf. (I got tired with her look and name but once I come up with one i'll change my display name) Anyway, this blog will be used to chronical my life in diary format as the average (yet goofy) freshman high school girl with a simple secret. Nothing big. I would love a few reader feedbacks after a few posts, but I expect nothing to come of this. If you want to learn more about me, just read my profile info. (that's under construction, too at the moment)

NOTE: Very important. Due to common confusion and a few perverts out there, the fandom has reccieved a bad reputation of being weird freaks who practice beastiality and other disgusting and unmentionable things while running around in a dog suit. I assure you, I am nothing like that at all. I love animals, but not like that.

ANOTHER NOTE: Trolls. Freaking trolls. If you have something against the fandom (or anything on this blog for that matter) then don't waste your time spamming the comments section with mean and hurtful things. Be mature and hit the "next blog" button, please. Thank you. Perverts, you stay away too.

YET ANOTHER NOTE: For security reasons for the confedentiality and/or wellbeing of myself and the people around me, I shall not give out my friends or my own name, address, or the like. Names mentioned in posts will be changed, and I shall go by my fursona name once I have it.

Anyways. Have fun reading my future entries and have a nice day :)